Connection is Everything
At CAMP3, we deliver innovative technology solutions to connect you to the world like never before.
  • CONNECT –  Future-proof wireless ecosystem/WiFi consultation + design
  • CONSTELLATION – CONNECT (above) + intelligent IOT installation
  • CLOUD – Cloud-based data solutions
  • CORE – Proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning technology for software and applications


Water, Electricity, WiFi

WiFi is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. However, not all networks are created equal. CAMP networks are smart, secure, fast, and customized to your building’s unique footprint. We build future-proof networks for smart building IoT applications so you’re ready for what’s next while taking care of business today.

  • Consultation (assessment of needs)
  • Site Survey
  • Design Documentation and Recommendation
  • Apply the fee towards installation*


A Connection That's Out of This World

After we design your network, it’s time to deliver. CAMP3 CONSTELLATION has five main features:

  • CUSTOM – we tailor design your network to perfectly fit your company according to users and devices
  • CLOUD-CONTROLLED – see what’s going on with your network from anywhere
  • FAST – say goodbye to speed bumps with your new gigabit-rated network
  • SECURE – dedicated private networks to keep your company’s data safe
  • SMART – optimally engineered to adjust to your usage needs and provide maximum range
  • CONNECT service features: Consultation, Site Survey, Design Documentation and Recommendation
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Maintenance (optional)

Commercial Real Estate

Mixed Use Development


Facilities &


Make Camp Wherever You Are

Our company was founded on the idea that you should be able to work from anywhere. Why? Well, when you can be just as productive on a beach as in the office, you can work anywhere that has an internet connection. Our cloud-based solutions provide an unprecedented level of accessibility, security, and productivity. It means never worrying about losing your data due to theft, water damage, or accidents. So join the revolution. Get out of the office, into the world, and make camp wherever you find yourself.

Build and Scale in the Cloud

We use Google’s Cloud Platform because it is secure, global, high-performance, cost effective, and constantly improving. It features seriously powerful data and analytics engines, with easy scaling and dependable performance.

Increase in process efficiency
Reduction in average operation costs
Increase in spending on cloud computing over the past 5 years. (Goldman Sachs)


CAMP3 installed a 150Mbps circuit and an indoor/outdoor wireless network to cover 60+ acres of land, support 35+ employees daily, add coverage to the edge of the fields supporting the increase in mobile devices and agriculture technology, and constructed it well enough that it survived two Category 3 hurricanes.

CAMP3 consulted on an existing wireless network that was described as the “wild-wild-west” of wireless in a co-working and start-up community seeing 1,00+ visitors a day.  CAMP3 streamlined the RF, changed switching port distribution, and altered the array of AP arrangement. Now it’s a connected group of happy villagers.

CAMP3 installed a new wireless network supporting 200+ Chromebooks, hundreds of students, and dozens of faculty in a single weekend. We changed out and streamlined routing and switching, fiber connections, and increased wireless connectivity throughout the entire campus.


Breaking New Ground

CAMP3 has the ingenuity, methodology and unparalleled resources to deliver unprecedented performance for seamless connectivity as well as the proprietary emerging core technology to integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning into a tailored industry specific solution.

We let our results speak for themselves. For CONNECT & CONSTELLATION we’ve built enterprise-grade, hurricane-proof wireless networks. Our first CORE innovation was FARMWAVE (previously intelliSCOUT), the first artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm for agriculture. And there’s so much more to come.


Spotlight: intelliSCOUT® and Farmwave

intelliSCOUT® is the world’s first cloud-based automated intelligent machine learning platform for agriculture.  The tool provides actionable insights and disease recognition that will help eliminate wasteful spraying of chemicals on crops, potentially decreasing crop loss by up to 30% globally. This CORE technology is built into the new Farmwave platform.