We're Helping Farmers Feed the World

FARMWAVE is an app that connects people in agriculture with their farm, technology, and each other.

FARMWAVE brings together a growing community of farmers, agronomists, crop scientists, and researchers who know that sharing knowledge can make all the difference.


By applying the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, FARMWAVE brings together and transforms data into actionable high-level information.

AI Tools

Identify plant pathogens and estimate yields.

Built-in AI apps deliver results

–  Kernel Counting
–  Severity rating
–  Pathogen-caused infection
–  Pest-caused damage
–  Non Destructive Sampling


Connect to others in your local area or around the world.

Better Collaboration

Bringing agronomists, farmers, seed companies and crop consultants together under one interface empowers communication and increases overall crop success.

Smart Analytics

Upload data from multiple sources for better decision making.

Real-Time Crop Performance

Know what is happening in the field as field reports are collected. Location, time and date, and local weather are connected to every field report.


Farmers Helping Farmers

There’s an art to farming, and sometimes you need help ensuring your crops are healthy. FARMWAVE allows you to compare notes, chat, send videos, images, and field reports all within the app. 


Track Your Farm's Progress

Within FARMWAVE  you can keep detailed information of your crops, tracking any trends or patterns to optimize growth.

As you gather, input, and connect data in FARMWAVE, it becomes your personal predictive modeling tool, providing you with the best analysis and solutions for the field or greenhouse.

(Data is kept private)


Next Level Farming with AI and Machine Learning

FARMWAVE intelligence and collaboration takes farming to whole new heights. AI + machine learning capabilities allows you to identify a plant and any diseases it may have simply by taking a photo.

  • Identify the crop or plant
  • Diagnose the disease, pathogen, pest, or weed 
  • Treat your crop or plant with the recommended remedy 


Farmwave features a wide array of smart tools to help you out in the field.

Pathogen & Pest ID

Upload photos from any device and get actionable insights on diseases and pest damage.

Disease Severity Rating

Farmwave can determine the percentage level that a plant is impacted.

Kernel Counting

Upload photos of a corn cob and the kernels are automatically added up, helping you predict yield.

Field Reporting

Compile your photos, videos, notes into a report and upload them to your group via the cloud.




  • Build Field Reports for Tracking

  • Geospatial and Weather Automation

  • FARMWAVE Community Access

  • Export Report Data

  • Unlimited Storage


$9 / MONTH

per user

  • All the benefits of Basic

  • Pathogen, Pest, & Weed ID via Image Recognition AI

  • Create Groups within the FARMWAVE Community

  • Invite others into FARMWAVE & Into Your Groups

  • Predictive Modeling Year After Year

  • FMS Integration (coming soon)

  • Machinery Integration (coming soon)

  • Drone Integration (coming soon)




  • All the benefits of Premium

  • Private Label Platform

  • Private Community

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Custom Groups, Custom FMS, Machinery, and Drone

  • Access to FARMWAVE Community Platform Integrations via Single Sign-On (SSO)


Drone Compatibility

Farm Management Systems

Machinery Data

Field Sensors

“Precision agriculture in the field will yield a better experience not only for the farmer but for the consumer as well.”

Olivia RuchDirector, Passion Cereales - Paris, France

“Farmwave will be changing the way people estimate corn yield at the field-scale.”

Dr. Ignacio CiampittiCrop production and cropping systems specialist at Kansas State University

“Farmwave could quite possibly pave the way for an industry standard across the board as it pertains to tracking food production, collecting and analyzing data, and collaborating information. I’m excited to see what will come of this technology under Craig Ganssle’s direction; a true visionary.”

Jack BoboU.S. State Department, Senior Advisor, Global Food Policy

“Incredible technology! This will be technology we take into serious consideration here in France as we look to the future of farming and empowering our growers”

Emmanuel MacronPresident of France

PHOTO CREDITS: United Soybean Board, Jason Johnson