Connecting It All Together

Craig Ganssle started CAMP3 (formerly Basecamp Networks) in 2007 as an innovative technology company with special expertise in building custom wireless solutions in businesses, city centers, research facilities, and schools. Today, CAMP3 is a pioneer in bringing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to agriculture and other industries.

Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, we were part of the original beta test group for Glass technology as part of our partnership with Google. As one of the original Glass Explorers, Craig saw an opportunity to revolutionize the world of agriculture by bringing together vision computing, a handsfree form factor, and artificial intelligence. Under Craig’s leadership, this led to the development of Farmwave, the world’s first wearable application offering farmers a vast storehouse of crop knowledge, the power of artificial intelligence, and rapid problem-solving – in the palm of their hand.

Farmers aren’t our only fans. We have demonstrated Farmwave technology to dignitaries around the world. In France, we were personally requested to present Farmwave to then President Francois Hollande and current President Emmanuel Macron. In October 2016. we won the Atlanta Telecom Partnership (ATP) Technology Service Provider of The Year Award. In 2017, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, and look forward to many more anniversaries of bringing people and technology together.

With strong roots in cloud-based networks and a passion for efficiency, we are excited to grow Farmwave into a connected environment where smart data management combined with AI tools creates a community for advice, help, and knowledge.
By utilizing data from new sensors and tools, we hope to bring the promise of precision agriculture to each and every grower, changing the way food is grown on a global scale.