Grow with CORE

It’s not easy developing practical AI solutions for different industries, but we do it. Why? We’re innovators. Through our patent-pending CORE (Cloud Optimized Recognition Engine) technology, we are introducing new ideas, methods, and products to the world.

Every industry has different problems to solve, and with CAMP3 CORE we have the ability to customize our technology for your industry. Read more about CORE below.


Artificial Intelligence


Machine Learning


Deep Learning


Predictive Modeling


Breaking New Ground

CAMP3’s CORE technology consists of a specialized set of artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning capabilities, and deep learning techniques.

Our latest product, FARMWAVE, is our CORE technology tailored for use in agriculture. Read more about it here.


Smart Farm Tools

FARMWAVE™ is the world’s first cloud-based automated intelligent machine learning platform for agriculture.  The smart tools built into the web-based app provides actionable insights and disease recognition that will help eliminate wasteful spraying of chemicals on crops, potentially decreasing crop loss by up to 30% globally. CAMP3’s CORE technology enables the Farmwave platform to spot patterns in plant disease outbreaks.


Through an R&D initiative, CAMP3 worked with Syngenta to build out a commercialized version of FARMWAVE that incorporated learning 19 different pathogen, pest, and weed identification classifiers through the image recognition identification intelligence of FARMWAVE. These Syngenta-specific recognition patterns had never been done before in artificial intelligence and proved a “first” in the Ag industry.

CAMP3 began working with Monsanto to pilot the FARMWAVE artificial intelligence and kernel counting functionality in 2014 in partnership with Google and the Google Glass Team. Using the Glass Enterprise Edition, FARMWAVE provided Monsanto growers and researchers with hands-free collaboration with real-time feedback and results in the field.

Working directly with the UGA Ag Extension, CAMP3 partnered to access the CIIDS network of approximately 20 years of imagery data on over 35,000 different species for image recognition and classifier accuracy on pathogen and pest identification. In a collaborative effort with Google, and early beta testing of AutoML, CAMP3’s FARMWAVE continues to push the boundaries of accelerated learning of artificial intelligence for agriculture.