Optimizing Through Innovation

core innovations
Cloud Solutions

CAMP3 has the ingenuity, methodology and unparalleled resources to deliver unprecedented performance for seamless connectivity as well as the proprietary emerging core technology to integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning into a tailored industry specific solution.


The world's first cloud-based automated intelligent machine learning platform for agriculture. intelliSCOUT® provides actionable insights disease recognition that will help eliminate wasteful spraying of chemicals on crops and significantly decrease crop loss by up to 20 - 30% globally.

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40 Billion AI Market
By 2020, the artificial intelligence market will surpass $40 billion. (Constellation Research)
100% AI Supported
By 2019 - 100% of IoT initiatives – will be supported by AI capabilities. (IDC FutureScapes)
40% Increased Productivity
AI technologies are projected to increase business productivity by up to 40% by 2035. (Forbes)

CAMP3 is made up of engineers, hackers, dreamers, creators, and problem solvers. The promise of artificial intelligence as it relates to machine learning and deep learning places CAMP3 at the intersection of cutting edge wireless networks connecting smart devices with applications powered by the cloud.

Future Markets

There is so much potential with AI across multiple different types of products or services. Our goal is to use CAMP3’s core to make a difference and change the way other industries do business and accelerate growth exponentially.


Closing the cycle time for insurance claims by capturing the right data in real-time in the field with the claims processor with vision computing.


Autonomous ground vehicles that use AI to determine the shortest route and automate payload exchange.


Helping automate processes, organize schedules, prioritize flight details, and manage customer retention data.


Recognizing key data patterns and streamlining the EMR process including image recognition.