The vision of a company

the camp3 story

Craig Ganssle started CAMP3 (formally Basecamp Networks) in 2007 providing global wireless network infrastructures as well as creative solutions for difficult and time-consuming IT issues.

As a partner with Google since 2008, CAMP3 was one of the original Glass Explorers, Google’s original beta test group. In early 2013, CAMP3 advanced to an elite small team for this innovative technology. Since then, under Craig’s leadership and CAMP3’s agricultural focus, Craig’s vision for Glass led his team to develop intelliSCOUT®, the world's first wearable application offering farmers a truly hands-free solution, enabling agricultural problem-solving by collecting actionable insights from the field in a fraction of the time.

intelliSCOUT® technology has been demonstrated, in conjunction with the CAMP3’s offering, to dignitaries throughout the world, including France, where it was personally requested to present this technology to President Francois Hollande. In October 2016 CAMP3 won the Atlanta Telecom Partnership (ATP) Technology Service Provider of The Year Award. In 2017 CAMP3 celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary of offering innovation, the latest technology and connectivity to our clients.