Posted by Kevin Zschach
08 MAY 2017 | Design, Branding

The Global Food Innovation Summit is one of the top Food Innovation events worldwide. The conference is dedicated to showcasing international talent and cutting-edge solutions from around the world.

With his focus on precision agriculture, Craig Ganssle was invited to speak at two panels about the groundbreaking technology in AI that has been developed recently as part of the intelliSCOUT platform.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an artificial intelligence, a neural network or brain of some kind that was capturing everything and spitting back out intelligent data based off the actionable insights that we captured from the field.” Ganssle explained, “that is what the intelliSCOUT platform was built to do.”

The conference gave Ganssle and his team an opportunity to make a stopover in France and follow up on connections made the previous year with a successful introduction of intelliSCOUT at the Salon International de l'Agriculture in Paris. The technology was demonstrated for then president Hollande and current president Macron.

“We're not out to reinvent the wheel and have another farm management system. We're not trying to compete with all the soil moisture, nitrogen, and phosphorus reading sensors that are in the ground or all the drones that are taking hyperspectral color imagery. We are capturing that data and putting it into something like Watson for agriculture…”

President Obama was on hand for a discussion on innovation as it related to the food chain distribution models and efficiency. The intelliSCOUT team presented their application and platform to the large international audience over the three day conference.

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