CAMP3’s Craig Ganssle revealed as a keynote presenter at AGTECH Conference of the South

Posted by Kevin Zschach
10 JUNE 2017 | Design, Branding

AgTech Conference of the South will be held in Alpharetta, Georgia — the region’s epicenter of technology-fueled entrepreneurship and investment, at the new Alpharetta Conference Center.

The Conference will showcase key thought leaders and investors, as well as current and emerging AgTech business owners who are creating more value, variety and predictability in the world’s food and fiber supply. The event’s emphasis on investment and entrepreneurship will help accelerate the growth of this critical industry across our state and help forge new relationships among stakeholders who span the farm-to-fork value chain.

The conference takes place July 23-25 2018, and it will be the first major conference to be hosted by the new Alpharetta Conference Center. Boasting over 600 tech companies, Alpharetta has evolved far beyond its agricultural roots to foster technology innovation across industries that are defining the modern experience: agriculture, mobility, finance, technology, supply chain, and healthcare.

Craig Ganssle will join Mayor David Belle Isle as keynote speakers at the conference, along with a selection of other presentations from the leading tech companies in the region.

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